The Story...

A Cicada and her friend in NYC.

MagicCicada ~ the current brood is once again in New York City, gathering in beautiful Central Park. Many thousands of cicada are ready to emerge from their 17-year nap.

Well-known for all the wrong reasons

One cicada in particular, Sammy, stands out for his carefree approach to life. He doesn't work or gather food, just Iays around enjoying the fruits of Summer. He is just plain lazy.

Summer is actually the time for working!

His friend, Abby Ant is just the opposite and takes things seriously – especially getting ready for the winter.

Once the cold weather comes, she is ready with plenty of food and a warm nest. Sammy finds himself cold ani homeless.,, wondering if he will make it 

Abby does her best

As Abby enjoys her cozy nest she often thinks of Sarnmy, hungry and cold. She will soon play an important role in his life.

As you read this story, you will discover valuable lessons about work, life, and helping others. Enjoy reading, and think about how to put the things you learn to work in your own life.

Don't miss the fun activity at the end of the book.